Audio consumption has grown exponentially.  Nearly one-third of U.S. households now have smart speakers and 73% of the US population are listening to online audio every month. People are listening to all forms of audio content: news, podcasts, music, and books. The convenience of listening over reading offers publishers a perfect opportunity to provide their content in a context that was previously unavailable to them. 

Further, human narration is time and cost-consuming but with the advancement of artificial intelligence, publishers can now use technology like Luna Speak to offer their users a premium audio experience. Luna Speak removes any technical constraints that come with implementing AI text-to-speech (TTS) and makes creating audio articles a seamless process and at a fraction of the cost of human narration. 

Along with converting text into audio, Luna Speak also provides realistic sounding voices in over 50 languages, the ability to compile custom playlists, the ability to push to Podcasting platforms such as Spotify and iTunes, and brand new revenue streams.

Source:Nielsen Consumer Survey


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