The publishing industry has faced numerous challenges over the years, from engaging new and younger audiences to sustaining readership and finding additional revenue channels. Strong audience development and engagement are key to long-term success, and every publisher dreams of having a loyal audience that generates a steady stream of revenue.

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, it’s essential to find ways to increase audience engagement and loyalty. One powerful solution is to add audio content to the mix. By introducing audio versions of existing textual content, publishers can boost revenue by 8-12% and increase the number of loyal readers by 10.3% according to Trinity Audio.

One easy and effective way to add audio to your content is by integrating Luna Speak, a simple JavaScript tool that converts text to a natural-sounding voice. With Luna Speak, publishers can transform all their written content into high-quality audio, providing an immersive and personal experience for their audience.

According to research conducted with leading media publications in the US from June 2021 to June 2022, over 90% of audiences who opt to listen to content are highly engaged loyal readers. Adding audio content can turn casual readers into loyal readers, who generate around 80% of your revenue.

In addition, opting to listen to audio content increases time spent on site (engagement) of loyal readers by 50-70%, resulting in an increase in overall revenue by around 4-6%. This is due to programmatic advertising, as every piece of audio content features an audio advertisement dynamically inserted before the content (pre-roll) and during the content at a contextually relevant time (mid-roll).

Listeners are among the most loyal audiences there are, as the medium creates an immersive and personal experience. By relying on your eardrums instead of eyeballs, you can consume content almost anywhere, not required to gaze at the screen. The entire listening experience feels more rewarding compared to reading, making it an ideal solution for news publishers in times when trust in news is low.

In conclusion, adding audio content to your publishing strategy is a proven method to increase audience loyalty and revenue. By providing a unique and engaging listening experience through Luna Speak integration, publishers can attract and retain loyal readers who will generate a significant portion of their revenue. This is an opportunity for publishers to differentiate themselves from competitors, attract a new audience, and grow their business in a highly competitive industry.

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