December 20th, 2023

The Rise of In-Game Advertising

The digital advertising industry is witnessing a significant transformation with the emergence of in-game advertising. This mode of advertising is not just a new trend but a shift in the interaction between brands and consumers within the digital gaming space. The Rise of In-Game Advertising The in-game advertising market, as reported by Statista, is projected […]

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December 13th, 2023

Private Marketplaces: The Future of Targeted Digital Advertising

The Rise of PMPs As the digital advertising landscape continues to advance, Private Marketplaces (PMPs) have emerged as an important player, offering an alternative to the traditional programmatic approach. Their growing significance marks a shift towards more controlled, transparent, and high-quality ad buying experiences. This blog post explores the essence of PMPs, their operational dynamics, […]

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December 05th, 2023

Mobile App Ads: Best Practices for Effective Campaigns

Today, mobile app ads are one of the most important elements of online advertising campaigns. For publishers looking to monetize their content, especially through platforms like Luna Media, understanding and implementing the best practices in mobile app advertising can significantly enhance campaign effectiveness and revenue generation. Here are some key strategies for optimizing mobile app […]

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