The rise of on-demand television and streaming services has brought connected TV (CTV) advertising to the forefront of the marketing world. Combining the mass reach of traditional TV with the precision of digital advertising, CTV offers unparalleled opportunities for advertisers and publishers alike. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the growth of CTV, its unique advantages, and the factors that could drive its mainstream adoption. Moreover, we’ll discuss how partnering with Luna Media can help both advertisers and publishers harness the full potential of CTV advertising.

CTV vs. Linear TV: Embracing the Future

The transition from linear TV to on-demand consumption has significantly changed the way broadcasters and advertisers interact. Linear TV, once the ultimate mass advertising medium, has seen its dominance erode due to the proliferation of smaller screens, on-demand content, and streaming services. In response, advertisers are now investing more in CTV and video-on-demand (VOD) content.

As CTV advertising gains traction, it’s essential for marketers to understand the differences between linear and CTV advertising. Linear TV refers to scheduled television broadcasting, while CTV encompasses non-scheduled, on-demand content such as broadcast video on demand (BVoD) and subscription video on demand (SVoD).

The Power of CTV Advertising

One of the most significant advantages of CTV advertising is its ability to merge the reach and scale of TV advertising with the granular targeting capabilities of digital marketing. This combination allows brands to reach specific audiences more effectively, resulting in higher engagement and a better return on investment.

For example, Pandora used CTV advertising to target young women who were fans of awards and reality TV shows. The campaign doubled their target engagement level and outperformed their cost per completed view (CCPV) benchmarks by 50% according to Quancast.

Publishers Reaping the Benefits of CTV

CTV advertising opens up new revenue streams for publishers by allowing them to monetize their content more effectively. As more advertisers invest in CTV, publishers can benefit from increased demand for their ad inventory, resulting in higher revenues and a more sustainable business model.

Furthermore, publishers can leverage the unique capabilities of CTV advertising to create more personalized and engaging ad experiences for viewers. This, in turn, can lead to higher user satisfaction and loyalty, strengthening the relationship between publishers and their audiences.

The ‘Year of Mobile’ Moment for CTV Advertising

CTV advertising may soon experience a surge in growth similar to the mobile ecosystem’s “year of mobile.” This growth could be driven by user interface improvements and advancements in technology that make it easier for users to discover and consume content.

The growth of programmatic trading is also streamlining the process of buying and selling CTV ad inventory. New standards, such as OpenRTB 2.6, which introduced ‘ad podding’ for CTV, make CTV buying more akin to linear TV. Programmatic trading makes the overall process of buying media quicker and easier, encouraging wider adoption of CTV advertising.

Partnering with Luna Media for CTV Success

As the CTV landscape evolves, working with a trusted partner like Luna Media can help advertisers and publishers navigate this dynamic market and capitalize on the unique opportunities it offers. Luna Media provides expert guidance and support in developing and executing CTV advertising campaigns tailored to your specific needs.

For advertisers, Luna Media’s team of professionals can help you identify the right target audiences, create engaging ad content, and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact. By leveraging Luna Media’s expertise and resources, you can ensure that your CTV campaigns deliver exceptional results and drive significant growth for your brand.

For publishers, Luna Media offers valuable insights and assistance in monetizing your CTV inventory more effectively. Our team can help you navigate the complexities of programmatic trading and implement best practices to optimize your ad inventory, resulting in higher revenues and a more sustainable business model.


Connected TV advertising is an emerging force in the video ecosystem, with the potential to revolutionize the way brands reach audiences and publishers monetize their content. As the market matures and technology advances, CTV could soon experience its ‘year of mobile’ moment, propelling it into the mainstream. Advertisers and publishers should closely monitor this space and be ready to capitalize on the unique opportunities that CTV advertising offers. By partnering with Luna Media, you can ensure that your CTV strategy is well-positioned for success, delivering exceptional results and driving significant growth for your business.


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