In recent years, we have faced several challenges affecting ad revenue and yield. That’s why it’s a crucial time to optimize your ad revenue and maximize your yield. Here are some optimizations that you can adopt to ensure maximum yield.

Ads.txt file is up-to-date

Developed by the IAB,  Ads.txt, promotes transparency in programmatic advertising by providing a flexible and secure way for publishers and distributors to publicly declare authorized companies for selling their digital inventory. To match the ads.txt list against the OpenRTB bid request data, participating publishers must post their list of authorized sellers to their domain, enabling buyers to create a filter. It’s crucial to keep your ads.txt file up to date so that eligible buyers can bid on your inventory.

Ad refresh

One of the techniques you can employ to boost ad revenue and yield is ad refresh. Using managed refresh can help publishers increase their viewable impressions, viewability, and revenue. While the recommended refresh rate is 30 seconds, this may vary for specific in-view ad units such as sticky footers. To achieve the best ad refresh results, it’s important for publishers to have a higher number of demand partners competing in their ad stack, leading to better participation rates and increased fill.

Implement a CMP

In light of new privacy industry standards, it’s crucial to maintain compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations by utilizing a consent management platform (CMP) for your websites. A CMP enables websites to adhere to the necessary regulatory requirements regarding consent collection. By implementing a CMP, websites can educate visitors about the types of data they’ll gather and request their consent for specific data processing purposes, thereby reducing the risk of violating consumer privacy regulations.

Observe Your Audience

Observe how your audience engages with your website. It is crucial to identify the areas on the page where users spend the most time, based on the type of device they are using, and ensure that there is at least one ad visible to them.

Dynamic Flooring

Dynamic flooring is an effective method to increase ad revenue for each ad request. At Luna Media, our flooring technology employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine the most profitable floor price based on various factors such as website, ad unit, geographic location, device type, day, and time of day for every impression served. This approach ensures that the ad request eCPM is optimized, and publishers can set floors intelligently in a header bidding environment.

Add High-Impact Ads Units

Consider adding high-impact ad units to your website to increase your ad revenue. One effective way to do this is by including interstitials, which appear after a user clicks on a link on your site. At Luna Media, we’ve seen high CPMs from this unit, which can result in higher revenue for publishers. Video ads are another option, and even if you don’t have video content, you can still run a video ad placement such as out-stream or a video adhesion product. Video ads tend to perform better than static ads in terms of engagement and clicks. Sticky or floating videos can also improve performance, but it’s important to ensure that the video player remains in view for a long duration.

Superflex ads

Consider including Superflex ad units to maximize your ad revenue. Superflex is an innovative ad unit that allows multiple bids from smaller ad sizes to be auctioned against larger-sized ads. This ad unit is available for both leaderboard and rectangle ad placements and can provide a significant boost to revenue when smaller ad sizes outperform larger ones. Superflex allows smaller creatives to be served out of a single placement if they generate more revenue than one large creative, making it a great option to consider. Despite being a lesser-known ad unit, Superflex can be an effective way to drive up your ad revenue.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ad units are a useful tool for publishers as they allow multiple ads to load as a user scrolls down the page. These ads are not called until the user gets close to them, which ensures that they are only displayed when they are likely to be seen. Dynamic units are a great way to optimize the layout of your website and maximize the number of ads per page. For instance, if you have a lengthy web page, you can customize the unit to display an ad after a certain number of paragraphs to ensure that users are exposed to multiple ads.

Optimize for Viewability

Maximizing viewability can increase your revenue. Some ways to improve viewability include:

  • strategic ad placement
  • lazy loading to serve only above-the-fold ads
  • using sticky units and anchor ads which stay visible on the page

In conclusion, implementing these strategies can help optimize your ad revenue and maximize your yield. Working with a monetization partner like Luna Media can also provide valuable resources and expertise to ensure that your advertising strategy is effective and efficient.

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