May 18th, 2022

6 Benefits of AI Voice Narration

2022 is set to be another year of high growth for audio consumption habits. 73% of the U.S. 12+ population listens to audio content online, that’s 16 million more listeners in 2021 according to The Infinite Dial 2022 from Edison Research. Benefits of AI Narration Choose the voice, accent, and language you want.  Luna Speak has many […]

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May 10th, 2022

Why publishers should have an audio player

Audio consumption has grown exponentially.  Nearly one-third of U.S. households now have smart speakers and 73% of the US population are listening to online audio every month. People are listening to all forms of audio content: news, podcasts, music, and books. The convenience of listening over reading offers publishers a perfect opportunity to provide their […]

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April 01st, 2021


The marketing world is going crazy after the latest news about IDFA removal. On the annual Worldwide Developers Conference conducted on 22 June 2020, Apple announced that iOS 14 is about to bring many curious twists to the iOS fairy tale. One of them is an end to IDFA or identifier for advertisers in iPhones. […]

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