Luna Speak

Luna Media’s advanced AI helps content creators turn readers into listeners


Speak to your audience

Luna Speak gives publishers a brand new way to engage, grow and monetize audiences by effortlessly transforming content into audio

Simple JS Integration

It's that simple! One line of JS is all it takes to join the audio revolution.

Listen to this article

Luna Speak magically turns your content into realistic sounding audio, turning your readers into listeners.

Congrats! You're an audio publisher

That was easy, huh? Welcome to the new world of audio, where you can engage your users as they run around the block or drive to work, complete with brand new monetization opportunities and advanced analytics.

Your story, on the move

Let’s face it, life can get hectic. Now you can tell your story as your audience runs out the door, goes for a morning jog or drives to work.
  • Multi-language

    Luna Speak supports over 50 languages, out of the box
  • Translate

    Luna Speak helps you bring your story to audiences who speak different languages
  • Daily Briefings

    Stitch together multiple stories into a single audio experience, allowing you to provide daily updates based on popular stories or categories such as “daily sports news” or “daily politics briefing”
  • Podcast

    Effortlessly repurpose your written content to create audio stories, stitch them together to create briefings and publish them to create enjoyable and engaging Podcasts

Brand New Monetization Channel

Sell directly using your own sales force, combined with our advanced monetization stack to create a whole new revenue stream.

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