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Luna Media has been ranked among the top 10 global mobile SSPs, according to Pixalate's Seller Trust Index.


Luna Media's demand stack is complemented by extensive connections to over 30+ DSPs, with a constantly revolving door of PMPs, providing unique scale to your advertising stack, across your standard display and video formats.
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    Direct Demand from tier-one branding advertisers

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    Direct Demand from performance-based advertisers

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    500+ Direct PMPs with tier-one advertisers

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Brand Safety

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Luna Media partners with GeoEdge to protect your audiences from malicious ads in the programmatic ecosystem, ensuring a clean, safe, and engaging user experience.
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    No malicious Ads

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    No clickbait Ads

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    No offensive Ads

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Luna Mobile + Tropic Games

How Tropic Games leveraged Luna Mobile's unique ad solutions to boost revenue, enhance game quality, and elevate the player experience.

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Tropic Games, a rising game developer, teamed up with Luna Media to incorporate their Luna Mobile ad solutions. By embracing Luna Mobile's offerings, Tropic Games seamlessly blended engaging advertisements within their games, converting players into profitable participants and unlocking a fresh avenue of revenue generation.

  • +16%Total revenue increase
  • +10%2nd day retention increase
  • +95%fill rate and reach in over 220+ countries
  • Easy integration saving time and resources
Shelly Bailey

"Luna Media is our high-priority monetization partner because they offer optimal performance, premium demand,  a wide global reach, and fantastic day-to-day support."

Shelly Bailey Manager, Consulting Operations, Tropic Games


Curious about how Tropic Games boosted their revenue and player experience through Luna Media's unique ad solutions? Dive deeper into their partnership

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