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Luna Reach

The most powerful advertising platform for those looking to target and influence customers and prospects on any screen.

Luna Media has been ranked among the top 10 global mobile SSPs, according to Pixalate's Seller Trust Index.

Self serve

Designed to help the world’s largest advertisers achieve a wide range of advertising objectives, out of the box.



Empowers the world’s largest programmatic advertisers to drive meaningful marketing results. With true omni-channel and omni-format capabilities, advertisers benefit from a centralized platform that delivers at global scale.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management designed for advertisers and mobile apps with niche campaign objectives. Our campaign management service combines white glove support with cutting edge technology. In short, let us be your R&D team.

Brand Safety

Buy with confidence
  • Committed to Standards

    Luna Media is an active IAB member, TAG member, and a leader in brand safety.

  • Leading Technology

    100% of Luna Media's impressions are scanned by both industry-leading, MRC accredited, and in-house tools. Luna Media monitors fraudulent traffic and has automated technology to immediately cut off problematic supply.

  • Strict Processes

    Each new publisher signs a commitment to our quality policy to ensure that our entire supply chain is safe and secure.

  • 100% ads.txt Complaint

  • Advanced Targeting
  • SmartScale for DSPs
  • Audience-based buying solutions for 1st- and 3rd-party data-enriched PMPs across all screens, including CTV.
  • Grab the attention of your target audience when they’re most engaged. Using our proprietary attention technology, Luna identifies highly engaged readers to inform your targeting decisions and accelerate ad performance.
  • Leverage our quality inventory and next-generation optimization technology which allows you to maximize scale while eliminating wasteful traffic. Our AI eliminates providers that add no value to improve speed and lower discrepancies, resulting in higher performance for your campaigns.
  • Reduce your infrastructure cost. Our demand partners see higher revenue, better win rates, improved performance, and reduced infrastructure cost with our optimization technologies, including traffic shaping, audience alignment, and automated error reduction.

Connect to premium, global and brand-safe inventory and reach your audience through any channel or format.

  • 2300+Active Publisher Domains, Mobile Apps & CTV Apps. We've partnered with the world's top media brands which guarantees access to the most premium audiences.
  • 20B+Ad Requests Per Day
  • 50M+Ad Creatives Scanned/Classified Every Day

Utilizing a robust data graph, and overlaying data has never been easier

  • 1st Party DataHave 1st party data? Our modular supply curation platform is designed to ingest data pools and focus on audiences that matter
  • 3rd Party DataWith deep integration to multiple industry-leading data partners, we provide rich and reliable audience segments.

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Users in 150 countries
1 Billion active users world-wide

Access Luna Media’s supply footprint across Web, App and CTV with a single oRTB integration. It’s that easy.




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